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Counseling Services 2019-2020



 Grade 6              Ms. Holly Rasmussen, Social Worker

(Counselor for 6th grade)

Liaison for 6th grade teams

Cross-Categorical program

DESSA program for 6th grade students

6th   grade IEP’ed  social work students

Phone: 630-458-2581 /


Grade 7              Mrs. Christine Hubek, Social Worker

(Counselor for 7th grade)

Liaison for 7th grade teams

SSP classrooms

Erin's Law program for 6th, 7th and 8th graders

S.O.S. program for 7th graders

7th  grade IEP’ed social work students

Phone: 630-458-2571 /



Grade 8              Ms. Maria Sinkule, Social Worker

(Counselor for 8th grade)

Liaison for 8th grade teams

ED program

Mentor program

8th  grade IEP’ed social work students

Phone: 630-458-2534 /



Psychologist:    Ms. Tamanna Haque, Psychologist

RTI process

Testing for Initial and Reevaluation Case Studies

Individual and group counseling

Phone: 630-458-2598 /