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It is hard to believe the second semester is upon us! For the past 18 years, it has been my pleasure to work for Addison School District #4.  This is my ninth year serving as the Principal of Indian Trail Junior High School.  Before becoming Principal, I taught for six years, and was both a Dean of Students and Assistant Principal.

As the Principal of Indian Trail, we have a lot to be proud of.  Our students come to school ready to learn and grow each day, enriching the lives of our staff and their peers.  Indian Trail students continue to make strong academic progress while also growing both socially and emotionally during those challenging middle school years.    

However, this success cannot happen unless students, parents, teachers and school personnel work cooperatively to ensure that ALL students are successful in their learning.  By working together, we can be effective in making a positive impact on students’ academic and social performance here at school. 

The Indian Trail staff and I look forward to working with your child to conclude a great school year! 


Craig M. Bennett





Hello. My name is Karla Donoso-Kelly. I have the good fortune to be an assistant principal at Indian Trail.  My goal is to provide effective leadership, which facilitates a safe, respectful and responsible learning environment for all students and staff. Education is a collaborative effort and I enjoy working with our students, families, staff, and community members in providing a quality education and access to all learning opportunities. The transition to 1:1 technology is just one of the great learning opportunities that our students are experiencing this school year. We are a learning community and will continue to promote academic excellence and social-emotional growth in order to prepare students to become productive and kind adults.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns @ 630-458-2515 or kkelly@asd4.org.


Karla Donoso-Kelly

Assistant Principal


Hola. Mi nombre es Karla Donoso-Kelly. Tengo la buena fortuna de ser una subdirectora en Indian Trail. Mi objetivo es proporcionar un liderazgo que facilita un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro, respetuoso y responsable para todos los estudiantes y el personal. La educación es un esfuerzo colaborativo y me gusta trabajar con nuestros estudiantes, familias, personal, y la comunidad de Addison para proporcionar una educación de alta calidad y acceso a varias oportunidades. La transición a la tecnología 1:1 es solo unas de las excelentes oportunidades que nuestros estudiantes tienen este año escolar.  Indian Trail es una comunidad de aprendizaje que promueve la excelencia académica y el crecimiento socio-emocional con el fin de preparar a los estudiantes para convertirse en adultos productivos y amables.

Les invito a contactarme con cualquier pregunta o duda @ 630-458-2515 o kkelly@asd4.org.


Karla Donoso-Kelly




 Mrs. Trubich, Dean of Students

Happy 2019! My name is Kimberly Trubich and I have had a great experience so far stepping into this role as Assistant Principal and collaborating with our exceptionally hard-working staff and students. This will be my third year as an administrator and my eighth year at Indian Trail Junior High. Here at I.T., we work hard collaboratively to provide our students with the best learning opportunities possible, inside and outside of the classroom. I am very fortunate to work with such a dedicated staff and administrative team!


Providing the students with a nurturing, safe and positive learning environment is a priority of mine in this role.


I strive to build relationships with our students, families, and community members as we work together to support our students in their personal and academic development. I am honored to have this opportunity to provide effective leadership for our staff and students. This year, I will be working with the 8th grade class, guiding the students to become contributing, thriving citizens in their future.


I look forward to working with you this school year; please contact me with any questions or concerns at 630-458-2516 or ktrubich@asd4.org



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