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8th Grade Science Team 8-2


Welcome to 8th Grade Science Team 8-2.

I’m really looking forward to working with your children this year, as they are our future scientists, mathematicians and engineers in the making J

I know it will be a fun and exciting year!!

The following, outlines the expectations that will help you and your child succeed in meeting the school’s goals in the science classroom.

The school’s goals in the science classroom include having students:

  1. Be able to write scientific explanations using evidence and scientific reasoning to support their claims.
  2. Be able to connect scientific concepts to real-life applications.
  3. Be engaged in a variety of small group and whole class discussions, over which they will take ownership.
  4. Be engaged in lab and inquiry based activities that are both cognitively challenging and accessible for all students.

To meet these goals, students need to follow the class expectations that will help guide success in science.


Unit Topics:

Physics “How Will It Move?”
Chemistry “How Does Food Provide My Body With Energy?”
Genetics “Why Do Organisms Look The Way They Do?”
Please use the following link to access your child's IQWST book online: 
password: Experiment23